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St. Patrick's Primary School, Glenariff

Welcome back to all our children on Monday 22nd March

18th Mar 2021

By now you will all be aware of the latest government pronouncement on Tuesday 16th March, that all children will return to school on Monday 22nd March. We are delighted to welcome our Primary 4-7 children back to class, it will be so good to see them all and to allow them to return to some sort of normality before the Easter break. I know that we will all be glad to see the end of remote learning and to get back to normal interaction and teaching. Could we ask you to please send in all textbooks, reading books, booklets and exercise books, including those that are finished, as well as any other resources you may have borrowed from the school. Please tell the children not to worry if work was not completed, just send everything in, it helps us to see where everyone is.

You may wish to go through the Wellbeing Support PowerPoint (attached as a document) with your child and encourage them to complete the Wellbeing survey by clicking on the link below. It has been designed to cover children of all ages and might be a useful conversation starter to discover how your child is feeling about the return to the classroom:

Could we also remind parents to wear a mask when dropping off or collecting children within the school grounds and to maintain social distancing both in the school grounds and at the gates.

Our Primary 1 – 3 parents have been using ParentPay over the past two weeks, so our school has become cashless as a result. You will find the dinner menu for next week on the website in the Parents section, please let us know if you would like us to send one home on Monday. We have a small number of parents who have not yet activated their ParentPay accounts. If you cannot find your ParentPay details, please email Mrs McCarry on or phone the school.

Just a few reminders for using ParentPay: 

Could we ask you to please remember to credit or top up your ParentPay account regularly and to keep an eye on the app on your phone. It should show if you need to top up your School Meals or Snacks (under Other) sections within the app. You need to ensure that you have assigned money within your account to each of your children’s Snacks or School Meals section or both as necessary. The money will then come off your balance and you will be able to keep a check on how much remains each day or week. You may find that although you have money in your account, you may still owe money in either Snacks or Meals sections as these are separate areas within the account and you will need to transfer money to them specifically.

Have a lovely weekend, look after yourselves and your families. Stay safe and take care.

Mrs R McCarry (